This is the best site structure in 2020, according to Google

This article will explain why site structure is important for designers and how designers can create effective site structures. However, if you’re a smaller venture or if powerful design features are your top priority, we would recommend using Squarespace. Restaurant websites, for example, receive more than 50% of traffic from mobile devices.

Breadcrumbs are not a replacement for your website’s main navigation, but they’re great at visualizing the hierarchy between pages. But creating an organized, hierarchical structure with well-labeled names makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. If you have products or services, make sure that users can get to the desired page with the fewest clicks possible. If your website is already live, assess it from a structural perspective, find weaknesses, and start implementing changes. Don’t overlook this opportunity, as it provides a chance to enhance your rankings and improve the user experience. To make your site easier to navigate, it’s important to consider search crawlers as well.

Read reviews from real users

You can divide these sections or categories into subcategories if your site is larger. Beneath your categories or subcategories are your pages and posts. Visitors might find your website via their laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone. Therefore, you’ll need to build a website that can engage with all devices. Responsive websitesautomatically adjust to seamlessly fit the screen size of a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device your website could be accessed from.

tips for building a good website structure

Table of contents allow your visitors to navigate your content easily. ToCs are useful for navigating a page, and I recommend adding one to your blog post’s template. If we define site architecture as the total design and build of the site, we need to take into account a few more structural elements for it to perform well in search engines. Once you’ve sketched out the structure of your website, you’re ready to start improving it using keyword research. For example, we can see below that this website has indicated its services and products within the main navigation.

A beginner’s guide to scrollytelling

The default taxonomies in WordPress are categories and tags. Furthermore, putting everything in just one menu is not always necessary. If you have a big site with lots of categories, this may clutter your website and makes your main menu a poor reflection of the rest of your site. Where it makes sense, creating a second menu is perfectly fine.

  • Don’t fall for gimmicks or quick fixes to increase your website traffic—they probably won’t pay off in the long run.
  • Check out our award-winning blog, free tools and other resources that make online advertising easy.
  • But when you opt for a paid plan, you get a custom domain and no ads or logos will appear on your site—and these both signal to your visitors that you take your website seriously.
  • This is a rare type of website organization where each page is accessible from any other page.
  • A logo is an important piece of branding for your DIY website.
  • Linear-style sites are a simple website structure, and sometimes that basic website structure is just what the doctor ordered.

Your website represents your brand and the platform for clients to place orders. It links to your social media presence, which drives greater traffic to your site and ultimately greater sales. Your website’s architecture is incredibly important for both user experience and SEO. With a solid website structuring strategy, you’ll improve dwell time and entice users to consume more of your content.

Use white space in your DIY website design

When a website lacks this conventional site structure , it’s referred to as a flat site structure. This means that all pages are one click away from the home page, so it would appear “flat” if you’re noting the navigation depth of the site down on paper. Having duplicated or identical content on different URLs has a negative impact on search rankings. Check for CMS or code issues that may create duplicate URLs with dynamic parameters. Make sure the website is scalable, allowing for the addition of new categories and subcategories without completely restructuring your site.

tips for building a good website structure

Users will spend more time on your website and link to your web pages, which are both heavy indicators that your brand creates quality content. Anticipating where site visitors want to go improves navigation and builds a stronger network of links throughout a website. Include internal links on high-value pages — like the “About” or “Services” pages — to guide users to relevant information. These are links on webpages or blog posts that point to other relevant content on other webpages. Contextual links are useful in showing users related content. In the context of a blog post, contextual links can be used to point users to other blog posts that have similar content.

Site Structure: Do Your Research

A hamburger navigation is a great pick if you don’t want your navigation to take up too much space. If you find any pages that take more clicks than necessary to visit, consider simplifying your site structure. Users should be able to access content on your website in as few clicks as possible .

tips for building a good website structure

More specifically, website maintenance is an umbrella term for several activities that play a part in the overall functionality and success of your website. “One extremely overlooked way to optimize the structure of a website is to delete your old content that isn’t needed at all,” says Hosting Canada‘s Gary Stevens. An engaged session lasts longer than 10 seconds, has a conversion event, or has at least 2 pageviews or screenviews. Before we dive in with the techniques, let’s be clear on why the structure of your website needs to be SEO-friendly. Website structure refers to how the different pages of a website are interlinked and presented. Join our international team of Playmakers working to make business analytics easier for everyone.

Website Structure 101 with Examples

New visitors should be able to grasp what you’re writing about or selling instantly. The structure of your website significantly impacts theexperience for your visitors. If visitors can’t find the products and information they’re looking for, they’ll not likely become regular visitors or customers. When building a better website,search engine optimization and search engine marketing are strategies that can drive traffic to your site. SEO is focused on driving engagement through your content while SEM drives engagement through organic and paid search. Share who you are, yourmission or vision statement, and high-quality images of you and your team.

tips for building a good website structure

Stretching a low-quality photo into a large background image is tempting, but it’s not going to look very good. If your photos look grainy, pixelated, or blurry, this means they are not high-quality enough for the size you’re aiming for. Instead, check out some of the free resources for high-quality, professional photographs that you can use instead. We also have some good tips for optimizing the images on your website. If you’re registering a domain through Jimdo’s website builder, the process is very quick. A well planned site also gives you another avenue to level up your SEO game.

Enhance your site’s structure

A good site structure leaves a user in no doubt as to where to go to find the content they need. “X Factor” is defined as “a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.” BartX is the “X factor” your business needs to thrive. Ourinternet marketing companyuses the power of the internet to help your business grow by finding a unique how to plan a website structure marketing formula for your unique business. That’s why we offer solutions customized to fit your unique business needs, goals, and expectations. Some of the services we offer include web design services, SEO services, local SEO services, social media marketing services, and PPC management services. It’s important to know why you’re creating a website in the first place.

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