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The number of lines of code in a component and how many of them are executed determines code coverage. Jenkins supports a transparent development process among team members by reducing the time it takes to review a code. DevOps toolsand notify users when a merge request is ready to merge. This is typically the case when all tests have been passed and all other conditions have been satisfied. Furthermore, the merging request may indicate the difference in code coverage. Jenkins cuts the time it takes to examine a merge request in half.

  • This makes it a promising tool for both new and experienced DevOps professionals.
  • We can add more nodes using IP address, user name and password using the ssh, jnlp or webstart methods.
  • Jira has been our issue and enhancement tracking system for almost as long as Jenkins core has existed.
  • Not only our experts have been helping customers with their Jenkins setup for over a decade, but we have also been contributing to the open source tool.
  • Offers an extensive knowledge base, documentation, and community resources.

By using Jenkins, software companies can accelerate their software development process, as Jenkins can automate build and test at a rapid rate. In 2004, Kohsuke Kawaguchi was a Java developer at Sun Microsystems. Kawaguchi was tired of breaking builds in his development work and wanted to find a way to know, before committing code to the repository, whether the code was going to work. So Kawaguchi built an automation server in and for Java to make that possible, called Hudson. Hudson became popular at Sun, and spread to other companies as open source.

Jenkins is the highest-rated Opensource CICD Software

Currently, the Jenkins community claims over 1500 plugins available for a wide range of uses. The need for Jenkins becomes especially acute when deploying to a microservices architecture. Since one of the goals of microservices is to frequently update applications and services, the ability to do so cannot be bounded by release bandwidth.

jenkins software

For instance, you can revoke the token in a project without affecting Jenkins integrations in other projects. This documentation focuses only on how to configure a Jenkins integration with GitLab. Learn how to set up Jenkins on your local machinein the developer documentation, and how to migrate from Jenkins to GitLab CI/CD in theMigrating from Jenkins documentation. You’re invested in Jenkins plugins and choose to keep using Jenkins to build your apps. It is very easy to integrate a pipeline on Jenkins and the integration with GitHub is very useful. Jenkins can be set up on-premise and comes with no licensing fees.

How Does Jenkins Work?

It was tough for developers to locate those bugs because they have to check the entire source code of the application. In our opinion, CICD is one of the most significant contributors to highly functional software development teams and a big contributor to their productivity. Software Development Managers know that any new release has been through various refinements and test stages, increasing confidence in software development process. The Managed Jenkins Service is fast, secure, reliable and fully managed by certified Jenkins Software experts. Jenkins is an extensible CICD server that enables developers to build, test and refine their source code in the most efficient way possible.

The Jenkins CI pipeline checks the latest code and builds the code along with the tests. The test can deploy the project in a specific environment if it is green. By using Jenkins, software companies can accelerate their software development process, as it can automate a build and run tests to ensure the functionality is working fine. I have used Jenkins for few projects with team members, we used it because we needed more flexibility at configuration.


Eficode ROOT is a managed DevOps solution that integrates Jenkins CI and 40+ other tools of your choice. Not only our experts have been helping customers with their Jenkins setup for over a decade, but we have also been contributing to the open source tool. In addition, we share our knowledge with the community by organizing events like Day of Jenkins, hackathons, and meetups what is jenkins and writing blogs. As you know, software development in the 21st century is in the pre-stage of software creating software, but that already enters the field of artificial intelligence. For Jenkins, most things are plugins, including the chain of processes. Due to the amount of plugins that are available, it is difficult to replicate Jenkins environments on other computers.

jenkins software

Jenkins X offers feedback for all pull requests, providing previews before pushing code changes to the staging and production environments. It helps you incorporate authentication and reliability early on, preventing post-deployment surprises. You leverage a higher degree of automation to enable frequent, secure, and predictable software releases. You can create pipelines directly in the user interface, or create a “Jenkinsfile” which represents a pipeline as code.

What is the Jenkins Controller/Agent Architecture?

Formerly a web and Windows programming consultant, he developed databases, software, and websites from 1986 to 2010. More recently, he has served as VP of technology and education at Alpha Software and chairman and CEO at Tubifi. For comparison, the following two Jenkinsfiles are completely equivalent.

jenkins software

With the help of Jenkins, organizations can speed up the software development process through automation. Jenkins adds development life-cycle processes of all kinds, including build, document, test, package, stage, deploy static analysis and much more. Running a Jenkins server is complex and does come with a steep learning curve. We recommend any organisation using Jenkins to review the available resources online for security best practices. We also advise; The Jenkins Server should be hosted on a TLS endpoint only. For long term stability perform regular updates and manage plugins actively.

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Jenkins also offers excellent data support for project management. Every project management activity is considered a Jenkins job. Jenkins identifies the success or failure of each job and can measure the job completion time, thus making the entire project management process efficient. It is a web dashboard which is nothing but powered from a war file. With the help of Dashboard, we can configure the jobs/projects but the build takes place in Nodes/Slave. By default one node is configured and running in Jenkins server.

jenkins software

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